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Protecting Your Rights in Marital Property Agreements

If you are considering signing a prenuptial agreement, it is critical you know your rights and understand the ramifications of what you are signing. It is also important to act quickly if the marriage date is approaching. The experienced divorce and family law attorneys of Law Offices of Hall & Lim can help you protect your financial interests before you get married.

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Prenuptial Agreements — What You Need to Know

A prenuptial agreement, also called a premarital agreement, makes sense in many situations. Under the right circumstances, it sets clear expectations for the two people as they enter marriage and protects both in the event of a divorce. However, a lop-sided or hastily drafted agreement can work against you or lead to litigation down the road.

Properly crafted, the prenuptial agreement declares which assets belong to the individuals (separate property) and which assets will be considered community property after you wed. If you bring your own home, business, or inheritance to the marriage, these assets are protected in the event the marriage doesn't work out. Many people entering a second marriage sign premarital agreements to protect their own assets as well as the inheritance rights of children from a first marriage.

Our attorneys can negotiate and draft your agreement or review and revise your current agreement. If we draft the agreement for you, the first thing we will do is compile a list of your assets. Next, we will discuss your goals for the agreement. Lastly, we will draft a prenuptial agreement that expresses your goals and present it to your future spouse for review. California statute requires a 7-day waiting period before you and your future spouse can sign the agreement. We strongly encourage you to have your signature notarized to prevent a fraudulent suitor from "pulling a fast one."

Don't Wait Too Long! — Because of the mandatory waiting period and bureaucratic tangles, you should start the process at least three weeks before the wedding date. This gives you and your attorney the opportunity to properly safeguard your interests.

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