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If you have been the victim of domestic assault, or fear for the safety of yourself or children, Law Offices of Hall & Lim provides compassionate support and the urgent legal representation you need.

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Based in Southern California, our law firm represents men and women in the greater Los Angeles area in obtaining (or challenging) temporary and permanent domestic violence restraining orders. Contact our office for a free phone consultation to discuss your rights.

Temporary Restraining Orders

If you or your child has been physically abused or threatened with domestic violence, our attorneys can help file for a temporary restraining order (TRO). The order is granted by a judge, often ex parte (without a formal hearing), within 24 hours of the request. Typically, the order requires the alleged abuser to move out of the home, and to have no contact with the spouse or partner. It can place additional restrictions on joint bank accounts and other assets. The TRO is usually valid for 21 days.

Permanent Restraining Orders

About two weeks after a TRO is granted, a hearing is held to determine whether to continue the restraining order. A permanent domestic violence protection order may be granted for several months to several years. The order may bar all communication and contact, or it may provide for supervised visitation with children.

While TROs are granted almost automatically, judges are more cautious in granting a permanent restraining order. Such an order has enormous ramifications for custody, visitation, and divorce proceedings, and the court will require proof that abuse has occurred or that threats were real.

Do not go into one of these hearings without experienced counsel to represent you. In support of your request for a permanent restraining order, our skilled attorneys will prepare and submit briefs and other documents to the court on your behalf. You are not required to confront the abuser in person at the hearing. The judge may grant the order as requested, modify it, or deny it.

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Contact our domestic violence lawyers today to discuss your situation. Our firm is committed to protecting your rights and your family's well-being. We offer a free phone consultation and are available for evening and weekend appointments, as necessary.

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